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Problem with a film I can't get to the ipad


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Jul 12, 2010
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Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I'm desperate for help.

I have used a program called DVDFab 7 to rip a DVD. The process has completed ok and the file (M4V file of 303mb) plays in iTunes on my PC fine.

However, I cannot get it onto my iPad, no matter what I do.

With my iPad connected, I click on the Films tab and find a list of movies. I haven't ticked 'automatically include' box.

I've ticked two films, one was purchased from iTunes, the other is my newly ripped film. The purchased film goes on ok BUT THE OTHER FILM JUST WILL NOT TRANSFER!

I'm beginning to lose the plot really, I'm sure it's something simple but I can't find the solution.

I really need this film on my Tuesday as we're travelling on holiday and my son will be a nightmare without something to distract him.

Any suggestions . . . ???
Unless someone else has a suggestion mine is to re-rip the movie into another format and/or resolution.

I had trouble with a few movies even though they were a supported format and could not get them on my iPad until I re-ripped them into another supported format.

I was in the same boat. They were for my daughter. That long car trip would have been a lot tougher without Elmo to keep her occupied. :)
Thanks guys, what resolution should I aim for? So far I haven't changed any settings, just selected ipad for the output file.
All sorted, for some reason the resolution was far too high, even though it should have been for the iPad. Just playing around with different formats now.

No idea why iTunes didn't tell me what the problem was?

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