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Pokémon Go Arrives in UK App Store


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Pokemon go in UK.JPG

AppleInsider reports that Pokémon Go is now finally out in the UK, following on from yesterday’s rollout in Germany, and hopefully then onward to other countries over the next few days.

Downdetector.com has reported that there are some areas in the UK with server outages due to the overwhelming demand. And if you try to register with the Pokémon Trainer Club either via the game’s menu screen or website (one of two sign-up options required to play the game, the other being a Google account), you get a message saying that due to “overwhelming demand” sign-ups are being regulated, with the advice to try again in an hour. So, basically, even if you can manage to download the game in the UK, you still might not be able to play it until you manage to sign up as a trainer.

Celebrating the launch of the game on these shores, What’s On Stage wasted no time in going Pokémon hunting in London’s West End, finding a whole gang of them in theatreland!

Sources: Pokemon Go launches in the UK, is now the biggest mobile game in US history

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