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Opening a discussion on Digital V Printed Books


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Sep 18, 2012
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To introduce myself briefly, I am a 22 year old Masters of Computer Graphic Design candidate in Whanganui, New Zealand. I am looking to start bit of a dialogue here: digital publication compared to print publication, with respect to the retention, enjoyment and legibility of the information we publish. I have included some questions to begin the discussion below. I would greatly appreciate your participation in this discussion, and hopefully it is something that we can all grow and learn from!

Do you prefer reading a printed book or a digital book? Why?

How has the process of reading been transformed by technology?

How much of an influence can the medium of presentation (ie. book, magazine, ipad, laptop, web browser) have on the interpretation of the content?

How important do you consider tactility to us as participants in a publication?

As publishing becomes more internet-based, how can we ensure the longevity of our information?

Do ebooks provide the same kind of snapshot of history that an encyclopaedia would, or is history "edited out" as the ebook is updated?

Do you see an issue with the requirement of an electronic device and internet connection to access ebooks?

How heavily do we rely on secondary technologies to access stored information?
For my part I can honestly say I have not bought a book, newspaper or magazine since I got my iPad earlier this year.

I love reading books on the iPad, I find it so much easier than trying to hold a book open when lying in bed.

Also, using the iPad for all my reading means I am not contributing to chopping down trees for paper. I can also read at. It without the light on so I don't disturb hubby, can't do that with a paper book :)

Dark Angelwitch (Surrey)

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