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The Truth - myPadMedia proven to be fraud – sells access to Free Feedbooks site!

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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
myPadMedia is proven to be a scam – sold access to free Feedbooks site!

By Paul Biba
On May 4 we published an article about myPadMedia.com and how it looked like a scam. The original work on this was done by Carly Z from Gear Diary. Well, Gear Diary and Carly have done some more research and it has turned out that this is definitely a scam operation.
They did some investigation, and even purchased a “membership” for $50, and found out that this operation was actually selling a redirect to Feedbooks! There is a long, and very interesting, article about the saga on Gear Diary’s site which you should all read. Gear Diary informed Feedbooks of the scam and Feedbooks blocked MyPadMedia’s access to their site and told Gear Diary:
Well, based on our log I can tell that roughly 250 people were scammed (150 in the US). We contacted both the ISP and ClicBank to report the scam and hope that based on this information they’ll get a refund.
Great work, Gear Diary, it looks as if you are the new investigative reporters of the ebook world! If someone can find out where these jokers are, the next step would be to file a report with the respective state’s Attorney General.


This Jerk pretends to be a satisfied user who discovers this great deal and wants to tell you about how he gets free ebooks and free comics. He and his cohorts are heavily spamming iPadforums right now. Every time you spot their spam aimed at n00bs and f00ls please report them to a iPadForums 'super moderator' like Col. Bris so they can be deleted and banned from this site.

Please include the jerk's new name and membership number to make tracking him down instantaneous. Please alert other web sites too.

Spread the word on iPadForums and help make the users of this site the most aware educated iPad users on the Internet/

An interesting ploy is typical of other internet scams involving multi level marketing the criminals flood the net with articles about organization such and such a fraud? Then once you land on the fake web page they go on as to how they investigated fraud claim and found that the 'fraudulent organization is really an excellent deal. Yeah right! Only a f00l falls for that and the best way not to be a f00l is to educate yourself about the dangers of the Internet.

Fail to do that and you will be separated from $50 faster than greased lightning, for nothing.

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Mar 25, 2010
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Gold Coast , Queensland Australia
The Truth - myPadMedia proven to be fraud – sells access to Free Feedbooks site!

I am taking out 3 to 4 a night when you guys are sleeping as i am 18 hours ahead of USA. Mypad media spams have increased a lot in past month. Thanks to users and members whom are notifying us direct. We can apply a total ban on them

Cheers col down under
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