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None Cydia Apps Crashing


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Jul 20, 2011
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Well, I got my iPad 2 jailbroken on ios 6.1 today and for some reason half the apps which were previously installed keep crashing. i have re-installed them a few times, but they just open and then crash almost immediately. Is this a localized problem? or is everyone else having the same issue?

PS : can't wait for Gridlock update lol
That doesn't sound good. I haven't experienced any of my apps crashing following the jailbreak (both my iPhone5 and iPad4 were fully loaded with apps prior to the JB). the only problem for me have been tweaks which are not yet compatible.

I'd suggest a restore and re-jailbreak to resolve. Best to bite the bullett and do that now whilst 6.1 is current and can be easily restored.
It's only a few of the apps though. I remember there being an issue with the Skype app after an update; they stopped jailbroken devices from using the app. That problem was fixed in the next update, perhaps it's something similar? It's only a few games, just wondered if anyone else had issues. Looks like I will have to find some more friendly games to play with until the issue is sorted.

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