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Night Stand HD alarm question


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Mar 22, 2011
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I bought the Night Stand HD alarm clock and it's a beautiful app but I'm having a problem with it.

Push Notifications are enabled for other programs.
Turn the alarm on.
During the night it's possible to get push alarms on top of the app.
The alarm will go off with a push notification up.
Press Close on the Push notification box.
The alarm is still going off but there is not the box to SNOOZE or Turn the Alarm Off.
The little settings button (the small 'i') in the bottom right doesn't activate.
If I press the home button the alarm will stop.
If I go back into the program the alarm will come back with no way to turn it off.

To turn it off I have to press the Home button.
Open the multi tasking.
Close the program.

So, is there a better alarm that won't have this problem? Do I need to just turn all Push Notifications off before I go to bed? Then back on when I wake up?

Am I missing something?

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