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Radio Alarm Clock : U like radio? then you should try this app!


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May 6, 2012
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kimpo city, kyung-gi-state
*Note that it has free version, it only adds ads at the bottom of the screen, why not try?


Radio Alarm Clock
1.99$ or Free
Ensight Media
Compatible with
iDevice running iOS4 or higher


  • It's a radio, yes it is..
  • thousands of channels
  • various of alarm sound selection
  • Sleep timer
  • You can just use it as a clock on your desk.
iTunes Link : App Store - Radio Alarm Clock - Listen to 50,000 stations from around the world!


Hi there guys.
In this post I wanna introduce a cool alarm app.
As you know already there are a lot of apps that features alarm with your own mp3 and snooze but this one is a bit different.
Well.. before I start, I want you to know there are definite limits to alarm apps in appstore.

What are those 'definite limits' you say?

Among many apps in appstore I couldn't find an alarm application that suits my need more than the default app of my iPhone.
That's because you will have to turn your app on before you go to sleep.
Due to the limit of iOS apps if you don't have the app running on the screen it won't work properly.
Even in the background it will just ring the default sound for 30 secs and go off.
This is quite embarrassing if you are as lazy as I am.
And even if you are not lazy, that will be a problem anyway since it could shorten your battery life.
Plus if you are looking for an alarm that says "Do it or I will never go off you lazy bird".
I'd tell you it's nonsense.
You can just ignore it and make it disappear from your multitasking bar.

So because of the reasons above I just prefer to use the default alarm app or my Android app.
And that's why alarm apps in appstore should have a definite feature that other apps don't have and a nice design.

*As you've probably noticed, I'm not a native speaker, sorry for my bad English.

So why do you recommend this app?

that's because it overcomes does weak points.
The developer knew the limits and found other thingys that you would like.

Radio : Still good with out alarm clock.

If you erase the phrase after Radio it still works wonderfully.
You don't think you are gonna use the alarm?
that's fine just use it as a radio instead.
It's radio channel's resource is Shout Cast, and it's one of the most famous casting system on the internet.
I can say that it has all of the channels you would look for.
you only have to add the channel to your favorite list and you'll have a radio just for you.

You cut the radio and it's an alarm clock.

It sounds ridiculous, but that's the point.
Well, without it's radio it's not gonna be a wonderful app but useful though.

It's alarm features :

  • Snooze
  • Various of sounds you can select from your favorite mp3, radio channel, or even record one for yourself.
  • Shake to stop the ringing.
  • Volume fade
  • Sleep timer

It's just a normal alarm clock without radio feature.
And I can assure you that you'll find every feature that you would need to wake up.

So.. that's all I wanna introduce!
Pls know that I didn't list the whole feature, and be sure to try it!

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