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New Repair Guy


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Aug 1, 2022
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Hello All,

I'm Kevin from Rosenberg Texas. I started doing iPhone repairs at the first of this year. (2022) I broke my own iPhone 8 back glass and decided to repair it myself, which sparked an instant love for doing this. I've been an electronics tech for almost 40 years, and basically just love tearing things apart and putting them back together. Now this is a side business for me. I repaired Apple watches, iPhones, Samsung phones, iPads, all for money and doing pretty well so far. I've definitely had a few hiccups that have cost me, but that's how you learn right ?
Right now I'm stuck on a iPad 7th gen. It came to me with a broken digitizer. I got the digitizer open, disabled the battery, disconnected the screen and digitizer, reinstalled a new digitizer, reconnected the screen and battery and turned it on before closing it. Problem is , the screen came on with all black and white lines. I bought a new screen and replaced it, and when powered up, it also came up with all black and white lines. Could I have gotten a bad new screen, or is there something else I'm missing ?

HELP !!! Thanks
Are you sure you didn't accidentally damage any connectors or other components during your repair? Have you successfully repaired this model before?
I have successfully repaired this model before and others. It was a pretty routine repair, no broken flex cables.
I have replaced both the digitizer and screen. Moved the old home button over. I can't imagine I damaged the connector on the board. I don't have a micro scope, but it looks ok through the magnifying glass.

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