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New LTE iPad Eating Up Users’ Data Allowances Fast


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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The Wall Street Journal reports today on the way in which owners of the new iPad with LTE capabilities are finding that the super fast network is eating up their monthly data allowance extremely rapidly. The WSJ highlights the case of just one such user, Brandon Wells, who found that after streaming two hours worth of March Madness games on his newly purchased iPad on Saturday, he had used up his entire month’s 2GB data allowance by Saturday night. In order to carry on using data on his iPad, Brandon will have to pay another $10 for each gigabyte he uses over his initial 2GB allowance, which costs $30 per month. As the WSJ notes, the new iPad’s Retina display is perfect for watching streaming video over the fast connection, but very few people are actually going to want, or be able, to afford paying such a high price for their increased data use. Will the wireless carriers be prepared to offer cheaper packages in light of this new development? Or, as the WSJ asks, could this be where the previous rumour of carriers such as AT&T looking into app developers shouldering the burden of data costs really comes into play?

Source: Video on New Apple iPad Eats Up Monthly Data Plans - WSJ.com
Content Providers and App Developers to Subsidize LTE/3G Bandwidth Costs? - Mac Rumors

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