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New iPad2 user problems


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Jan 2, 2012
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I have recently purchased an iPad2, the main purpose use being for travel due to its light weight and compact ability. I do have a couple of problems though.

1) I have a Samsung phone with G3 model GT-C5220. It has Bluetooth and works with BT on our Apple MacBook Pro and PC but not the iPad. The iPad see's the phone and the phone see's the iPad but when attempting to pair the units together, an error message pops up on the iPad Pairing Unsuccessful. "GT-C5220" is not supported. The iPhone 3 works fine however, the reason why I prefer to use the Samsung is because it has an external aerial connection, the iPhone does not since we live on a sailing vessel.

2) We also have a wireless Brother printer connected via ad-hoc, the iPad cannot see the printer but the MacBook Pro can.

3) How do you cancel and delete a partial downloaded Ap?

4) I would like to copy my bookmarks from my FireFox browser on my PC to either Safari or Apollo browser on my iPad. I have downloaded the Apollo/Firefox Ap to do this but it only updated the history not the book marks. This was achieve using Google.docs, a rather clumsy method I feel. Has anyone else achieved this successfully or use another method?

I have a limited knowledge with Apple, one might say "a challenge" with more experience with (cough) Microsoft products.

Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you.

Regards Barry. (Australia)

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