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No audio on certain Ap clip playback using iPad2 model A1395


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Mar 18, 2011
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Huapai, Kumeu, Norwest Auckland, NZ
This is a weird one. I've checked through as many settings as I can find. The free Ap is from Mediaworks called "3News-see it first". It's a Local TV network that provides their top News stories with many having video (and sound), i.e. a video clip of a story that went to air.

Every time I go to play one of the clips using a WiFi connection I assume the clip is simply streamed to the iPad2 but there is never any sound. The video antimates perfectly but the audio is mute. The iPad has the latest OS and I have deleted and reinstalled the Ap more than a few times. Still no audio. A check while the clip plays shows the volume is turned up all the way and and any adjustment has no effect. Anything else is fine playing audio be it You Tube etc.

Now if I run this same Ap on an iPad3 no problem. If someone who has an IPad 2 and some spare time could check the problem I would love to know the issue.

Better still, perhaps someone may know why my iPad2 is lunched on just this Ap... Thanks Pete.

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