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New iPad prod screen froze...partial flicker on bottom of screen now.


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Nov 18, 2015
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bought anew iPad pro 4 days ago and tonight while watching a video in the Facebook app, the screen flickered and then looked like an old tv screen with hundreds of multi colored lines and it froze. I reset using lock and home button. When screen came back there was a 4 inch section that flickered. Since then it has almost disappeared but I still see a flicker in a small portion that becomes visible more with darker backgrounds. Not happy. This is my 3rd iPad and am concerned wit his being a more serious problem.
It does sound like there may be a problem with the screen. If you live close enough to an Apple Store you should take it in for a Genius Bar appointment. If there's a hardware problem, you should get a free screen repair or a warranty replacement.
The flicker continued to be faint and now I don't see it any longer. The screen and resolution are completely "normal" now. I bout the iPad at BestBuy and will be there again Friday night.....I will rais it to them then.
Since you only bought it 4 days ago, you're still well within the 14 day return period.

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