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New iPad Air 2 - wow! Just WOW!


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Jun 25, 2012
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Devon, UK
In September 2012, following copious amounts of research & consideration, I made the change from Android to iOS. Moved from an Asus TF101 tablet to the iPad 3 (16gb).

My impressions were very favourable - within a few weeks I had managed to "get my head around" the way that iOS works & learned how to work with it to achieve everything necessary. Essentially that meant using NAS storage and the simply superb FileBrowser app by Stratospherix to handle file management across the board.

I wasn't best pleased when 1 month later Apple "bounced" us all with the new October product release date for the iPad & released the iPad 4 :mad:

Still, I was very, very pleased with my iPad 3 and as I had bought it from John Lewis, it came with 2 years warranty.

As my appreciation of the quality & reliability for Apple products & the integration of iCloud grew, I decided we would move to an iPhone in due course as well.

In July of this year we had a stunning offer from our carrier - EE - £23.99 per month ( 24 months) for a 16gb 5c with unlimited calls, unlimited texts & 2gb data allowance per month with the handset FREE. We jumped at it :D

When Apple announced the Air 2 in October it seemed like the perfect time for an upgrade. The improvements in the screen, processor, 2gb RAM & amazing lightness almost had me convinced, but when they announced that the 64gb version was the next step up in price for the same as the 32gb previously, that sealed it for me.

So, I watched the retail market landscape with interest and found a discounted offer from Currys/PC world for 5% off with "UNIDAYS". Now, Currys is not my favourite retailer so I asked John Lewis to price match - "sorry, no" was the reply,

So I asked Apple... and they said "YES" :D And did so by giving me their educational discount price. :D Then I found another authorised retailer in the UK - Argos - who were selling AppleCare for the iPad at only £25 on EBay (Apple price £79). Apple wouldn't match that, but they did confirm that it was OK to buy the Argos offer via EBay and that it would be legitimate and work as Argos are an official Apple retailer.

So on Monday I ordered the Air 2 64gb - and Apple delivered it on Tuesday - FREE!
Then Argos delivered the AppleCare today (Wednesday) and it has been registered flawlessly.

My experience of the Air 2 is just what an IMMENSE improvement it is over the 3rd generation iPad. It is an even bigger improvement than that which I experienced going from Android to Apple.

The screen is better - clearer & far less reflective.
The performance is lightning fast when photo editing etc
The lightness is just amazing - it is lighter than my wife's Tab 2 7.0 (which is due to be replaced by a Mini 2 32gb at Christmas) ;)

But what has impressed me most of all is the way that the iCloud backup & restore worked - absolutely BRILLLIANT!!!!

Pleased - I'll say I am... cheers all!

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