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Need help selecting notetaking app for engineering student.

Peter Phung

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Sep 15, 2018
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I just bought the 10.5 iPad pro for school and I am junior level Mechanical Engineering major that deals with a lot of free body diagrams. I need help selecting a notetaking app where I could copy images from PDF's and drag them onto the notetaking page which I can use to answer my homeworks on. The app must also be able to create a printable PDF of said homeworks (or other acceptable format) that I could print out at school so I can submit them to my professors. I believe that the app Goodnotes would be the best match for what I am looking for but I would like some other opinions as many of the notetaking apps I have looked at all have to be paid for.

Thanks for the help.


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Goodnotes is popular . Notabiltiy is another popular note taking app with many of the features you asked for.

While you can import PDFs to both these apps, and then mark them up, I don’t believe either one will let you copy images out of a PDF for use. You’d need a second app, one specific to PDF files for that, and I’m not aware of one. Or you could just take a screenshot of the PDF page you are working with, crop the image, and import that into the note taking app.

A shelf app like Gladys might be useful if you expect to crop/copy a lot of images (and other content) for import to the note taking app. Shelf apps let you gather material from one or more apps so that you can easily move them to another app. You useally use them in split screen or slide over mode.

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