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  1. P

    iPAD OS: ;oss of PDFing?

    Prior to iPad OS 13, PDFs could be made from nearly any app after you select the share icon. Now, I don’t see PDF in that setting...was it removed?
  2. P

    Need help selecting notetaking app for engineering student.

    I just bought the 10.5 iPad pro for school and I am junior level Mechanical Engineering major that deals with a lot of free body diagrams. I need help selecting a notetaking app where I could copy images from PDF's and drag them onto the notetaking page which I can use to answer my homeworks on...
  3. Expatriate

    Retrieving PDFs

    I am using DocScan to capture PDFs on my iPad Air. I would like to be able to download (MOVE) all the files in the iPad onto my PC but I can't locate them. Can I do this? How do I do it? Thanks
  4. H

    iOS 'convert to pdf' apps produce incomplete conversions

    On Mac, the print dialog 'Save to pdf' features captures all types of images and image-like things. On iPad, the tools I have tried run into problems, e.g.: On Random variable - Wikipedia, no MathML is included in the conversion or only that which appears on the first page or two. On 7...
  5. Expatriate

    How do I upload PDFs to my iPad and read them with Adobe Acrobat?

    I have tried to upload some PDFs to My iPad Air using iTunes and these show in the Library The top two I somehow loaded some time ago, but the bottom four, which I need now, are not found by Adobe Reader. What have I mucked up this time?
  6. C

    How do I get different text styles in OneDrive PDF editor?

    When I download a PDF file from OneDrive to my iPad Pro, it opens in the OneDrive PDF editor. It's a very useful editor, but I can't see how to get bold, italic, etc, when typing in some text using the Typewriter option.
  7. B

    iPad Pro: Apple Pencil functionality for pdf files

    Hi there! I’m contemplating buying an iPad Pro but I do need to know one thing about its functionality. I require a pdf reading app that recognizes Apple Pencil input as separate to touch input. Specifically, I would like to have “page-scrolling” selected for touch input and, at the same time...
  8. M

    Importing folders with PDFs inside and notes/bookmarks on iPad?

    Hello guys, I just bought an iPad 3 recently and being the first Apple product I've got after years with Windows and Android I am finding it frustrating to migrate to it... I cannot find a logical way to do things that in other OS are quite simple. Could you please help me with the following...