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Need help, cant decide...


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Jun 9, 2010
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I am going to pick up an ipad tomo morning, and I have decided im willing to spend 650. Cant decide if i want the 32 gb wifi or the 16gb 3g.... I plan to jail break, and I heard that u can attach a portable HD. I have never really used data outside of the comfort of wifi spots (home, work, ect) however u never know when u might need it some day. But i do find the gps usefull, as i use it all the time on the iphone..

I would love to hear from ppl on budgets and how they ultimately made their decision.. thanks
With your current lifestyle and budget considerations monthly I'd go for the 32 GB. You have an iPhone to meet most of your travelling needs. It really is a decision that you know best about. Factor in the cost of accessories and apps you want too.
I currently have the wifi iPad and it's great... I'd definitely suggest the wifi version, especially since the 3G service for the 3G iPad is no longer unlimited.
When it comes to storage size, I think the best way to understand what size you might need is to understand how you will use the device.

For example, in my case, I use the iPad essentially as an extension of my computer. My computer runs a few servers on it which is for the iPad specifically, such as Air Video. Thus I don't really need to store anything on my iPad except apps and books which take up very little space. I stream videos to my device, such as my home flip videos. I also have netflix, which again negates the need for localized storage. With hulu coming along, there will be even more steaming options (if the rumors are true).

And I don't use the iPad for music, as I have enough devices in my home to stream music (like the squeezebox). So I have plenty of room on my iPad.

I use 3G because I want to use the internet on my breaks at work. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with that model and would have gone with the wifi instead. My iPad only stays with me at home or goes to work. I don't travel with it anywhere else.

I hope this helps to think through the decision.
if you plan to do a lot of video and photos, you defiantly need the 64 gb, otherwise 32 gb would do. I have the 64 and it is more then enough unless im downloading a lot of movies. I've got about 30 APPs installed two movies 3 books and 9 magazines and im sitting at 50 Gb free space available.
I would go for the 16 3G.. Like you said, you never know when you'd be in a jam where you would need The 3G. Although you can still do a lot on your iPad without Internet access, it definitely cripples it considerably.
On second thought, if you already have an iPhone, why don't you just jailbreak it and use it with a 32gb wifi iPad?
I'd take the 32g model and pick up a mifi later as you can get those on pay as you go. Basic mifi in uk about £60 and is so small it's easily portable.

Most movies converted take up 600-700 mb and after you have your favourite 5 or 6 installed the others can be streamed (at home) from your main computer.
Books photos and music as well will soon take you to the 16 gb limit.

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