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My ipad2 has been set up without a pc what now??


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Mar 19, 2012
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Since having my iPad 2 I have set it up on its own so I've never connected it to the pc, I may go down the jailbreak route now just to get the I file app from Cydia. My question is as its never been set up on my pc before and my iTunes had my old iPhone set up to it before on a different apple ID is it going to be an easy task?
I don't want to lose anything on here as it is now but am I best doing a clean install of iTunes on the pc and then plugging this in or will it mess it up and sync all my old iPhone stuff or will it try to update it to 5.1 without me wanting too? If I remember last time I had so many problems with running two iPhones and iTunes is it a headache waiting to happen for me or will it be plain sailing?
Any help please

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