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Music production help (recording app to app)


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Apr 2, 2012
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Hood river OR
Hello, I just got the new iPad, it's almost perfect, just one thing.
Is there any way I can record a sound from one app to another? Say I have the animoog and I wanna record a bassline to studio.hd, and then add some drums from garageband or a drumpad app, is there any way I can do that? It seems to be the only issue I have with it, and I really wana be able to do that. If there's anything that redirects the audio.. Or something? It would make my life haha.


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Oct 25, 2011
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Hinterlands of Northern California
I was searching the forums because AniMoog is now crashing right after the splash screen.
Now to your question. You might already have your answer, but I have been able to record some stuff in AniMoog and put it easily into GarageBand. I currently am unable to get AniMoog to run on my iPad 1, otherwise I'd detail the steps for you
On my iPhone the steps are probably just the same. In AniMoog go to the record area and make a recording. Then touch the copy button. This will copy the sound into the clipboard. Launch GarageBand start up a song, or a new song. In the eight track recorder add a track and select the microphone as the instrument. Tap in the right hand area where the recorded music is displayed. Select PASTE from the options that pop up. If nothing pops up tap again.
Once you get the recorded stuff pasted in you'll have to adjust the timing to match your AniMoog recorded timing.
Don't forget to save. An app crash loses much!

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