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Multi-Tasking This Summer


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Mar 22, 2010
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NW New Mexico
Apple just announced that the first of seven new features to their OS 4.0 (releasing this summer) is multi-tasking. Apple says it has a way to develop multi-tasking so that it doesn't drain battery life or effect foreground application performance.
And they just announced organizing apps with the use of a folder system. This upgrade looks amazing!
Summer? Watching the engadget blog, but i didnt know it wasnt coming out for a while
Multiple exchange accounts w/ push - are they taking on Blackberry?
Yea... they'll release it to developers for a few months. It will probably be available to the rest of us mid to late June.
funny that they are talking about google search suggestions....ipad already has that
Are they really spending this much time on iAd? That should have been a separate event...I don't care how corporations are going to disrupt my experience with more advertising.
The consumer doesn't care about iAd so much... but us developers do!!! :p

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