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Mpeg or avi to iPad.


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Jun 10, 2010
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Hello, I have an iPad and is the first apple product I have bought..
I spoke to an apple tech to get an mpeg video on my iPad , he said just paste the mpeg right onto ipads iTunes from ur pc, but I didn't seem to work, anybody? :confused::confused:
Apple tech is pretty much an idiot. Apple only supports m4v and mp4 for the video formatting for your iPad. Anything else won't work by drag and dropping.

Ok, np, I have np to convert but how do I get it on iPad? I'm using laptop with windows 7, I tried to explore the iPad when connected to my LT THRU Itunes but where do I paste it? Of course I would be pasting it after I have converted it.
After you convert the video to mp4, just go into iTunes and say - add file to library.
This would add the mp4 video into iTunes.
Now the video should show up in movies.
Then sync your iPad, and the video will show up on the iPad.
Tip-create a playlist for iPadmovies and then sync playlist on iPad, giving you more control.

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