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Mobile now Accounts for 1/3 of Online Shopping, iPad Has 80% of Online Orders


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Jun 22, 2012
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According to data compiled by the Custora E-Commerce Pulse company, Apple continues to dominate as the platform of choice among mobile buyers, with iOS representing 54 percent of all phone orders and 80 percent of tablet transactions in a market that totaled almost $50 billion this year.

The company says that mobile now accounts for over one third of online shopping, as it covers data from 70 million consumers and $10 billion in transaction revenue at 100 retailers around the world. Mobile shopping has experienced a tremendous growth if we take into consideration that it represented only 3% four years ago.

AppleInsider obtained the report and it has some more insightful data on this:

Since then, e-commerce visits by phone have jumped from less than 4 percent to almost 25 percent, while tablets now account for just over 12 percent of site visits, leaving conventional PCs with 63 percent share.

The market is also growing dramatically, with Custora outlining an 111 percent 4 year Compound Annual Growth Rate, ramping from $2.2 billion in 2010 to $7.9B in 2011, $21.2B in 2012 and $42.8B in 2013. This year, "it's likely that mobile e-commerce will hit $50 billion in sales," the firm stated, given first quarter revenues of $12.2 billion.

Mobile conversion rates still trail PCs, indicating that users frequently shop from their phone, but often place their orders later using PCs. While mobile devices made up almost 37 percent of site visits, they accounted for only 23 percent of online orders and just over 18 percent of revenue.

Custora says that Apple's mobile supremacy remains obvious, but it's being challenged by Samsung and Amazon, who has recently recently released a smartphone with special shopping features. The iPad maintain an unchallenged lead with 80 percent of mobile orders made from tablets, followed by Samsung tablets with just 12 percent of orders, and Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets with just over 4 percent.

Source: AppleInsider

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