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Apple's iOS Devices Accounted for 78% of Record Setting Cyber Monday Mobile Sales


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Jun 22, 2012
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Cyber Monday is a marketing term which refers to the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. For most, it represents a great chance to find some more deals if they haven't found what they were looking for during Black Friday.

According to reports from analytics firm Custora, revenues from online shopping on "Cyber Monday" surged 15.4 percent higher than last year, which represents a new all time peak in the U.S. ecommerce. The report also highlights that online mobile sales were overwhelmingly driven by customers ordering from Apple devices.

The company says that the vast majority of mobile shopping happened on Apple devices over the weekend - 78%. Only 21.6% happened on Android devices, the firm says.

What's funny is that Cyber Monday sales were driven by spam email marketing, which overtook Google search ads and organic search. Email spam drove 27.3 percent of Black Friday sales and 23.9 percent of orders on Monday, compared to less than 19 percent of sales following Google's paid search results or originating from unpaid "organic" Google search results.

Source: Custora
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