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iOS Leads in Mobile ad Traffic and Generates the Most Mobile ad Revenue


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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We have just shared with you an interesting report which was showing that Android users are more affected by malware than iOS device owners. Now, according to a new report by Opera Mediaworks, Apple’s iOS doesn’t edge out Android only in security , but also in mobile ad traffic and even mobile advertising revenue. Ad solution platform Opera Mediaworks shared data for the fourth quarter of 2013, and it seems that Apple held an impressive lead over Android in mobile advertising marketshare, accounting for 43.39 percent of mobile traffic while Google’s Android came up with 37.71 percent.

iOS was also the prevalent leader in mobile advertising revenue, generating 55.70 percent. Android mobile devices represented only a 31.73 percent share of revenue. The big number of Android phones garnered the platform more ad traffic than the iPhone at 35.85 percent, bigger than iPhone’s share of 28.72 percent. However, the iPhone produced 40.03 percent of ad revenue and Android smartphones only 30.07 percent.

This statistic explains why there are many app developers who choose to focus first on the iOS platform and put Android on the second plan. The dichotomy is even bigger with tablets, as Android devices obtained only 1.86 percent of mobile ad traffic, netting 1.67 percent of revenue while Apple’s iPad accounted for 10.59 percent of traffic and 12.70 percent of revenue.

Source: iPhoneforums

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