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Mental Note


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Apr 17, 2010
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Martinez, CA
I've had a chance now to play with the note taking app Mental Note and I highly recommend it! I used it to brainstorm ideas about my new website and it worked perfectly. A stylus is needed to really make it work well, but I think the same can be said about all the note taking apps out there.
Two questions since you mentioned this app...

  1. I read its description and saw it can record audio while you're taking notes. In Microsoft Word's Notebook mode, you can record audio while you're taking notes, but more significantly, you can return to any point in your notes later and start the audio from that point. Can the audio in MN do this or does it just play from the beginning. I think if it had the Word Notebook feature with audio points flagged by what you're writing at the time, it would be killer.
  2. MN also looks like it can read PDFs. Can you highlight sections, make notes, and save those notes into the PDF? That would also be killer.

Those two together would let me integrate note taking and research. Thanks.
Good questions. I don't use any of the functionality that's being discussed so I don't know. I think there is no wrist protection.

I'll look into these things and report back in a few days.
In response to the questions:

1. No, there is no wrist protection for lefties
2. You can't import PDFs, so there's no highlighting function
3. The way audio clips work is that you pick a spot for the audio note, then you record a message. It shows up like a horizontal line. It's not connected to the written notes, although you can have written notes above and below the line.

I hope that helps. It sounds like this isn't the app for you. For me, I need a place to sketch out ideas including drawling and type text. That's why this is a good app for me.

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