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Mega Man 1-6 is Coming to iOS on January 5


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Jun 7, 2010
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Mega Man 1-6 coming to iOS on January 5.JPG

Touch Arcade reports that Capcom has just announced in an official Tweet that episodes1-6 of the classic 8-bit NES Mega Man games will be arriving on iOS on January 5 in the US and January 6 in Japan. The game’s worldwide release date has yet to be confirmed by Capcom, but it is likely to be very soon after these first two release dates.

The individual games will cost $1.99 to buy each. Capcom says that all six games have been “optimized for the mobile devices with adjustments to game speed.” Here’s Capcom’s official word on what fans can expect from the Blue Bomber’s return to iOS.
  • Mega Man® Mobile - The evil Dr. Wily must be stopped in this classic action platformer, the original Mega Man!
  • Mega Man® 2 Mobile- Dr. Wily resurfaces to threaten the world again! Only Mega Man can stand in his way.
  • Mega Man® 3 Mobile - Fight berserk robots on uncharted planets. Mega Man must set a course for space to resolve this mysterious crisis.
  • Mega Man® 4 Mobile - A year has passed since Mega Man’s battle in space. A new enemy appears – Dr. Cossack.
  • Mega Man® 5 Mobile - Manic robots cause chaos in the city. How is Proto Man involved? Only Mega Man can find out!
  • Mega Man® 6 Mobile - The Global Robot Alliance is formed, but this newfound peace is threatened by a new foe – the enigmatic Mr. X!
Sources: 'Mega Man' 1-6 Releasing for iOS and Android on January 5th

All Six 8-Bit 'Mega Man' Games Confirmed for Release Outside of Japan, Will Be $1.99 Each and

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