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Manufacturing fault on my iPad.


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Jun 9, 2010
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Hi everyone was just wondering what your opinion was on what i think is a manufacturing fault on my ipad.

Where there is the rubber/plastic rim around the iPad which separates the outide corner of the Aliminium frame and the glass screen, it is all bumpy and its really annoying me!

just wondering if you what im talking about and what i shoudl do about it?


Can bring it back for exchange. There shouldn't be any bumps or rubber sticking out at all. I think ours are smooth and flush!
Yeah if you hold it at an angle you can see where it is bumpy and not flush all the way around. It is not a noticable problem looking at it but when you hold it at an angle it really bugs me. Do you think they will reace it?


I doubt they will reace it but they will definitely replace it. :D

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