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Making a new iTunes account without money?


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Jun 22, 2010
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Is there a way to make an iTunes account without either using a credit card, or a gift card, or somehow putting money in the account?

Alternatively, if I have to use something, can I use a credit card, but then immediately then remove the credit card from the account after creation?
Use redemption option it should work for free apps with respect the cost of the Apps is so small just load with a $20 iTunes card and top up as needed.
You don't need to use a credit card, ever, but i believe you need to have a gift card if you don't. If the 15 dollar gift card is more than you want to spend, most CoinStar machines will give you a full value (no fee) gift receipt for your loose change. Be aware that you must put in at least $5.00 in change to get a no fee gift certificate.

In the case of the no fee GCs, the vendor (Apple, Amazon,etc.) pays the fee to get your business.
Thanks to all - I'm going to have to try out that link by PocoBill - if that works, that is truly a "free" way to open the account.

I know about redeeming the iTunes cards, but I did not want to have to put 5 or 10 dollars into an account that is just secondary. But, if I need to, so be it. Thanks for all the help!

Great forum!
Let us know if it works. There are some apps that I can't buy b/c I do not have a US iTunes account.
Post by pocosbill worked great. I have a unique last name, and did not want game center transmitting my last name, so having a "dummy iTunes account is necessary for a fake last name.

Created a gmail account, used the method described in the link, and it worked great. No money up front, and a regular iTunes account. Have to use a regular computer though.. Would not work using an iPad.
The "none" payment option is actually very strange.

I've tried it on an iPod Touch running iOS 4 (select "Philippines App Store") and it was nowhere to be found.

Later I tried it on an iPad, also running iOS4 (but selecting the "US App Store" this time), and lo and behold, it was there.

Oh well, at least it seems to be always available when you're on a PC. :p

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