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iTunes question, been wondering this for a while


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Jan 9, 2011
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I have been using a US iTunes account since November last year, I have bought quite a lot from the App Store only using iTunes gift vouchers, I haven't used a credit card at all with my iTunes, just gift card codes.

My question here is, if I just keep continuing to purchase things off iTunes using codes instead of an actual credit card will I ever eventually get told by Apple to use a credit card or is it safe to just keep using gift card codes?
As far I'm aware you can go on using gift cards as long as you like.
Evene though I don't have any real addres info in or a credit card on record? So it will be perfectly fine just to keep using vouchers... cool, thanks for the info King.
As long as Apple is getting their money, I would think they wouldn't care where the money comes from!

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