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Love the App, lost the pics


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Sep 28, 2012
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Butte, Mt.
I love the Photoshop Touch app, on both iPod Touch, & the new iPad. I updated to iOS6 on both and everything has been working fine. After several days of picture taking, I went over 6300 pictures. The very next time I opened the app and tried to access a picture on the camera roll, it stopped at 64 pictures on the camera roll. Before I was able to access all 5000+ pictures, I tried to access a folder in the Album directory, it will not even open now at all. I waited for five min., still no joy.

So my question is: 1) a. is there an limit on the number of pictures on the camera roll????

1) b. after deleting and re-installing the app, it behaved the same.
So the second part of the question is: did the albums directory get lost in the mix also????

All other apps are running fine and editing and sending out the pics by email works all day long....

Thanks. TimeWizard53

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