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Looking for iPad Drawing App to use in my lectures


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Apr 10, 2012
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I'm looking for drawing apps suitable for use while giving a lecture.The key feature that I'm interested in is that the view on the iPad is not
the same as the view on the projected screen. I'm using video mirroring to
send the iPad display signal to the projector.
For example, I want to see options for colors and pens, line thickness,
etc, but I don't want the audience to see me making these selections.
Ideally they would see only the drawing. It would be great if I could also
type on the on screen keyboard of the iPad without the audience seeing me
Adobe Ideas previously had this feature but now it seems to have been
removed. That's the only app that I know for sure that did this (of drawing
apps). Other apps like Keynote will show presenter notes to the presenter
but not to the audience (similar to how it's done on the mac).

Any ideas???? Thanks!

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