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LogiTech Keyboard iPad case?


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May 31, 2012
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Long time lurker to this forum- thanks for all the help. Or should I say- thanks for convincing me to buy an item I'm quite happy with?

Anyway- Ive go the ipad new 3 or latest, (or whatever you want to call it) and I have the LogiTech thin keyboard. It does crack me up that the hostage aliens at Apple that designed this unit worked damned hard to make the touch screen and I go add a keyboard!
Still- it's a GREAT COMBO but I am diligently searching for a case that will allow both to snugly and safly be thrown in my backpack/bag without much fear of damage. A sleeve or a clever faux book look or some such. Needs to be semi small (no Otterbox brick please) and easy to deploy. I fear some sleeves as they might allow the keyboard to slip it's magnetic hold then the KB will slip and slide across the screen! Dual sleeves in the case would be nice.

Thoughts? What are you using to protect both?


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Apr 9, 2010
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I have the Logitech Ultra Thin keyboard cover for my new iPad also and love, love, LOVE it. I never thought I'd use a keyboard with my tablet but since I got it, I use it -- a LOT. I'm using it right now.

The BodyGuardz carbon skin covers the back/sides of the iPad and I have nothing covering the keyboard. I expect the keyboard to get beat up badly in short order because the material is pretty thin/flimsy. It will last long enough for the price to replace it comes down to around $50, IMO.

I also have a naked screen because every cover I've tried ruins the retina display.

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