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Little known feature explained: the dual-mics on the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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There were quite a few surprises at Apple’s iPad launch event from this Tuesday, but what many seem to have overlooked is a small new feature that both iPad models come with - the dual microphone. This is a minuscule thing to observe, indeed, but it can improve a few things on the new tablets.

As you can see from Apple’s official photograph from above, there is the second microphone, being positioned lower on the iPad’s upper back than the first microphone, behind the FaceTime HD camera.

The new second microphone will further improve the reduction of ambient noise, as this is the same usability it has on the iPhone and various other MacBook models. This means that when calling or most likely, when video-calling a friend or a family member, this extra microphone will reduce the amount of ambient noise, so your voice will sound clearer and more accurate.

The second microphone will also help Siri understand better what you’re saying and it will help her give you a more precise answer. Here’s how Apple describes the dual-microphones on its new iPads:

â€iPad Air hears where you’re coming from. That’s because it has two microphones. And they don’t just collect more sound — they work together to capture better sound by suppressing audio from the source you’re not focused on. So the audio on FaceTime calls is improved because there’s less background noise. Your video recordings sound clearer. And Siri is even better at recognizing what you’re saying.â€

When you get your hands on the iPad Air or Retina display iPad Mini, let us know if you sense any differences thanks to the dual microphones.

Source: Apple

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