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First Handheld Professional Microphone for iPad/iPhone Launched


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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All those of you out there who like to use their iPads and iPhones as recording devices will doubtless welcome this heads-up from Gizmodo about the launch of the first full-sized microphone for the iPad and iPhone. There are of course plenty of mini-microphones around for iPads and iPhones, but IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic would seem to be the first full-sized one.

According to IK Multimedia, the iRig Mic is designed for the singer, vocalist and songwriter on the move, but also for people who want to record speeches, or any other sound source that you can think of, in the field. The mic features a highly unidirectional condenser-electret microphone capsule for quality recording both up close and at a distance. It can be used either as a hand-held device, or can be mounted on any mic stand.

The iRig Mic comes packaged with VocaLive, IK’s new real-time effects processor suite for singers and vocalists, and AmpliTube for guitar players and songwriters, and will also work with many other vocal and audio processing apps.

You can preorder the iRig Mic now for $59.99/€49.99 from IK Multimedia’s website (see link below).

Source: The First Full-Sized Microphone Arrives for the iPad and iPhone, iRig Mic

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