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Largest flaw with IPad...tethering

Blackberry bold tethering

Does anyone know if the blackberry bold is able to tether with the iPad? If so, please please show me how. I have a wifi-only iPad.
I was in an airport and was surfing off a tethered phone a guy a few seats away from me was using. He finally caught it and knocked me off!
Do you have a phone that you can use to tether? Beats you being thought of in a bad way.
I have a Verizon MiFi that does pretty good with the iPad on the road but it doesn't always provide a fast enough connection for streaming video. To my surprise using iBluever with my 9700 provides a quicker connection that does much better at streaming video.

The process is easy and works like any other dial up connection over bluetooth on the BlackBerry. I really do wonder why they don't have this ability built in, my inkling is that it has something to do with the agreement with AT&T. Also, if you could tether the Wifi only iPad via bluetooth, it might just cannibalize a good portion of the people that get the 3G version. Throw GPS tethering or just the GPS chip in the Wifi only iPad and you really have ruled out the need for the 3G flavor. :)

I really like my iPad, but I look forward to seeing if the competition drives Apple to provide some of these basic (in this day) connectivity options in the future. I'm watching the playbook with more then a keen eye. :D

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