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Itunes wants to take ALL of my photos on my PC and transfer to my Ipad2???


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Dec 31, 2010
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I just downloaded IOS 5 and among the many issues I am having is one with Itunes. When I sync my Ipad 2 with Itunes it wants to download all 30,000 of my photos on my PC to my Ipad 2. I do not wish to transfer any photos from my PC onto my Ipad 2. When I uncheck do not sync photos a message comes up saying "are you sure that you want to delete 19 apps from your ipad....." I do not wish to delete any apps from my ipad and I cannot figure out how telling itunes to not sync my photos from my PC to Ipad now asks me if I want to delete 19 apps from my Ipad. If I hit cancel when I get this message itunes continues uploading my 30,000 photos from the PC onto the Ipad. The only way for me to get itunes to stop uploading my 30k photos is to eject the ipad from itunes. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
Don't you just LOVE iTunes? It's difficult to tell what exactly is going on without knowing more about your entire configuration on iTunes but you can at least prevent iTunes from backing up all of your photos by changing the target folder on your PC from which the photos are downloaded. Try creating an empty folder on your PC and then point the sync folder for photos to that folder from the iTunes "Photos" tab.
+1 for what jsh1120 said. I found it easier to create a folder called iPad on my computer. Inside that folder I created folders for music, videos, pictures, ebooks and so on, then in iTunes I point each section to the appropriate folder.

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