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iTunes U albums don't show on my iPad.


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Dec 19, 2011
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I have a bunch of recorded video lectures for school that I want to have on my iPad. I've converted them all to a supported format, and imported them to iTunes. I categorized them as 'iTunes U' to keep them separate from my other videos. Each video is tagged with a title, and groups of videos are tagged with album names. When I view them in iTunes, they are sorted by album, and the name of each category is the album title. When I select which groups to transfer to the iPad through iTunes, they are also grouped with the album title. However, once on the iPad, while the groups are still together, the title of the group is the name of the first video in the collection, not the album title that I gave it. How can I fix it so that my iPad displays the name of the album with each group?

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