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Is the photo "click" optional? If so, how can I stop it?


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Dec 18, 2011
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Pacific Northwest
I just received a 6th gen ipad and I'm attending a class and the instructor will allow photos if they can be done "clickless". Apparently the random clicking distracts him from his train of thought. So far I haven't found a setting in my ipad for photo clicks and my internet search has not produced any answers either. I'm hoping maybe someone here holds the answer as to how I can get around the click to use my new ipad for the class.

J. A.

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Nov 11, 2012
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Apetlon, Austria
Use the Volume Down button on your iPad to mute your device when you take pictures. On some iPads, there’s also a Mute button next to the Volume buttons, you can use this method as well: toggle it to the side where you see the orange part below the button.

In some countries, it’s impossible to mute the photo click sound. If you’re living in one of these countries, the methods above won’t work on your device.

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