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  1. I

    Is the photo "click" optional? If so, how can I stop it?

    I just received a 6th gen ipad and I'm attending a class and the instructor will allow photos if they can be done "clickless". Apparently the random clicking distracts him from his train of thought. So far I haven't found a setting in my ipad for photo clicks and my internet search has not...
  2. L

    Blurry small photos when emailed.

    I wanted to send a document that I had a photo of but the person receiving it got a small blurred version that couldn't be read. This has always worked in the past so not sure what I may have accidentally done to change a setting?? I have sent it to another app and then emailed it from there...
  3. warhammer

    How to save/backup Notes including pictures/photos in it

    hi guys I write many notes on Notes application of ipad and I also include photos inside each note, I wonder if any of you guys tried this but it is working and a perfect option! However, whenever I backup / send via airdrop / or copy a note from Notes and email to another device, the photos...