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iPod (Musics) and Videos cannot be opened (YourTube)


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Nov 20, 2010
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Hi guys, this is my first post here. I'm having a problem with my iPad and I hope you guys the "tech gurus" can help me.

Here's what happened. I installed the YourTube app from Cydia, it worked great at first, after downloading some videos, I pressed the "add to ipod videos" button, no flaws there except I could only add 1 video at a time therefore I had to reenter YouTube app everytime I did that.

The problem starts when I deleted the videos (done using winSCP) and restarted my iPad. At first, the iPad just won't boot, i even tried hard reset but with no luck, fortunately by connecting using the proprietary cable i managed to boot my iPad, but the iPod and Videos just wont open after that, not even after a resync. I haven't tried restoring though, any help will be much appreciated :)
I've found a solution! And I believe that it can also be applied to similar cases e.g ipod or video crashes.

Here goes:
using ifile find the preferences folder (var/mobile/library/preferences) and rename "com.apple.mobileipod.plist" to anything other than that, or just simply add a letter at the end, what i did was "com.apple.mobileipod.plisto" close the ifile and tadaa! You got your ipod and or videos working again :) i'd be more than happy if you spread the word, much happier if you include my name as well :D

Ps: hopefully its not a repost, tried finding similar case with a solution but couldnt find any except restoring ipod/ipad :)

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