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music and video app not working anymore, and an idea for an implementation


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Sep 15, 2011
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So I'm new here, with my ipad 2 16 gb jailbroken. As I was spitting through .plist mods on internet, I stumled accros he unified-ipod mod, which combines your music and video app. I tried this, (not backing up my plist), and in the first place it worked, but somehow I was only able to see my videos. I tried to fix it, and remove it, but it got worse the harder I tried I guess. And now somehow, both of them won't run anymore. when I tap either the music or video app, it looks like it will open, but closes after a second. Can someone sent me the stock .plist of the mobilemusicplayer.app for ipad 2 please?

well, comming to my second part of this post. I find it a pity that a beautiful big screen device as the ipad, does not have coverflow. As I read more often, there is an app that has coverflow, called musicflow. the thing is, I dont want to change my music app, I just want the coverflow function of this app in the original one. since coverflow is an part of the UserInterface, I guess that you should edit de .nib file found in the mobilemusicplayer.app. also, it would be nice that when turned sideways the coverflow display would be shown. Is this achievable? and if so, is this also done in the .nib file?

best regards

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