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Some apps/tweaks that were suggested to me and what they do.


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Oct 25, 2011
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I installed some of the recommended apps from Cydia. Once they were installed I didn't know what they did or, for some, how to find them. Now I search online, inside and outside of the forums, to find out what the apps do so I can out them to better use. Hey, they make life easier.

Activator - Centralized gestures, button and shortcut management for iOS. That's the description in Cydia. It didn't mean much to me until I went on the web and read a few web reviews. You can use this program to set up what happens when you make certain gestures or button presses. From what I can tell it is mainly for launching programs. You can also set actions for sleep mode, respring, power down among others. For instance, you can triple click the home button to launch the Your favorite app. The actions can be either when you are at the lock screen, the home screen or within a program. You can have it set up for individual areas or universally.

SBSettings - With this app you quickly have access to some settings normally found in the iPad's Settings app. You can toggle Wi-Fi, Location, Data, SSH, Bluetooth, and Airplane. There's a button for brightness, respringing, power, refresh, dock and More. The More button takes you to the settings screen so you can configure the SBSettings display and many other things. I installed this program because someone recommended it for getting to the respring button instead of launching Winterboard and respringing.

SplitMail - This app shows the list of emails on the left side of the screen when you are in portrait view. This is much like the view you get in landscape. I didn't like this one and uninstalled it. A swipe from the left would show the email list without this app. With my old eyes I needed all of the real estate to view the emails that I can get.

iFile - With this app you can view, and edit the contents of your iPad. You can go in to a directory and look at pictures, copy, paste and edit files. There is a button in the upper right side of the screen. When you touch that you are in edit mode. Now all of the files and directories have a radio button to the left. Us the radio button to select one or more files. On the lot right side there's a little icon, touch that one. Select copy. Up at the top right select done. Now go to another directory where you wish to paste a coy of those files. Select edit at the top right then the icon at the lower right and select paste. Without knowing what you are doing you can really screw things up. There's a little button that looks like the wifi symbol at the bottom of the screen. When you click it you set up access to the files on your iPad for a browser on a different device or computer. Files can be copied to the other device, pictures viewed, etc. I didn't see a way to copy a directory and the files within. It is one of my favorite programs. It is shareware.

Winterboard - This is pretty straight forward. You can download themes from Cydia and apply them via Winterboard. Themes provide eye candy. There are some really beautiful themes out there. Some even change almost all of the icons on your home screens.

Actionmenu - This one didn't have an icon. I just happened to check the Settings app and found it in there on the left hand side. This one adds a few more actions to the cut, copy, paste menu. There are, among others, copy all and dial.

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