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- iPhone to Sprint...can't wait any longer.

Isaac Newton

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Mar 16, 2010
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San Antonio
The rumors have swirled for quite sometime now.

I'm certain if the late summer Sprint rumors are true, Steve Jobs will make an announcement before Friday June 4th; the official launch day of The EVO by Android on Sprint.

An early announcement will curtail EVO sales drastically by allowing the droid seeking customers to NOT re up contracts for 2yrs with the EVO and save the opportune ity for a couple of months to re up with the Sprint iPhone instead.

How many people that just bought one phone...are ready, willing or financially able to buy another 2 months later.

I feel strongly an announcement will be made before the 4th.

There, now I can get off my soapbox LOL
An iPhone for Sprint and/or Verizon would be a terrible investment for Apple.

CDMA is a dying technology that is now only actively used in the USA while most older CDMA networks around the world have been switching to HSPA and LTE.

Apple would waste so much time and resources to release a device for one single carrier in the world. They're better off waiting until LTE launches as it will be a worldwide standard that they can mass produce iPhones for.

No point investing on dead technology...
It may be a "dying" technology but they could easily sell millions of iPhones to new customers by offering it to Verizon. The bottom line - Verizon has the best 3G coverage in the nation right now, dying technology or not, and Apple could sell as many iPhones in 60 days probably on Verizon as they did iPads.

And really, do you think it would cost all that much to make a CDMA iPhone? If it's as old and outdated as you say, it should cost them even less.

I guess we will get an idea (or maybe not) tomorrow at the conference. If not, Verizon has plenty of good phones that are just about as good as the iPhone anyhow. Just no root for the HTC Incredible yet which is why I haven't switched from the Droid.
Meh I don't like slider phones or physical keyboards. I like my evo
Too big for me, now that I have an iPad. I don't need a huge screen because I'm not really using it for all that much that needs that screen.

That big ass screen isn't going to last very long when you're watching a movie, I suspect.

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