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Ipad2 on a different computer


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Nov 15, 2011
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Hello group,
We are out of town in Florida and I have our Notebook computer with us. But the computer I used to backup ans storage on the Desktop computer in NJ. So what will happen if hook it up to the Notebook computer. I'm scared it will take all my contacts and add them to the iPad 2.
Does anyone have a suggestions on this. I would like to take all the pictures and put them on the computer too.

Thank you very much everyone.


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
If you don't have iTunes on the netbook, there is no danger of the iPad trying to sync to it. Even if you do it should stop you with a warning about erasing the iPad if you sync. You can stop this by going to the Preferences in iTunes on the netbook, the Devices tab, and turning off automatic syncing. It will still launch iTunes the first time, but you can turn this off with a check box on the Summary page when the iPad is connected, and selected in iTunes.

When the iPad is connected to a Windows machine it will mount as a USB Flash drive. Look for it. On the drive you should find a DCIM folder. All the pictures in your Camera Roll will be there. Go ahead and copy/drag them to the netbook. I you want to delete them after you have the copies from the iPad I recommend you do it on the iPad, not from the netbook. Less chance of corrupting the iPad's Photos library that way.

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