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iPad2 as WiFi access point

I'm done with jail breaking. But I also fail to understand Apple's reasoning behind allowing tethering with iPhone but not iPad. Profit motive doesn't explain. Does anyone really think that alone would force someone to buy an iPhone in addition to an iPad? If you use profit motive, it would be a reason to allow tethering. Good for the carriers and iPad. One MORE reason to buy an iPad, one more plus it might have over pad competitors.

Nope. Not quite. The iPad is eligible for a "non-contract" 3G data plan that can be activated/deactivated on a monthly basis. The iPhone (nor any other smartphone) is not eligible for such a plan. With two year contracts and required data plans on phones the carrier is assured of at least $720 in revenue ($30 per month) for the entire two year contract. In addition the carrier charges another $20 per month for tethering. (I'm not sure whether that can be turned off/on on a monthly cycle but even if it can be, it's likely that you'll pay another $580 over the contract for tethering.)

On the other hand, if the carrier allowed you to tether other devices and use the iPad as a wifi hotspot, you could turn it off during a month you don't need it, thus reducing the carrier's guaranteed revenue. Note that this is not "Apple's reasoning." It is the "reasoning" (read greed) of the cell phone carriers. Apple is just going along for the ride.
In America, perhaps, but not so in other countries. I do believe quite a bit of Apple's profits are generated outside the US, no? Besides, your argument doesn't negate what I said one bit.

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