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iPad without iCloud?


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Mar 15, 2012
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We bought an iPad 2 recently, mainly for my 6 year old son's use but also for general family use.
Problem is, my son is Autistic and is more interested in the workings of the iPad than games and apps.

I have already had to reset the iCloud password several times because he keeps getting into things requiring the password, such as the app market and typing in various things which ends up locking the account.
I have jailbroken the iPad and used sbsettings to hide most icons from the home screen but he gets access to the store in other ways, such as in-app advertisements and such.

I'm not too concerned with him trying to install stuff, it is the password prompt that is causing problems.
Is there any way to run the iPad without iCloud or keep the password remembered so it doesn't ask?

Another issue he has discovered other ways of getting to sbsettings and cydia so I will likely have to undo the jailbreak before he manages to mess things up that way.
Is there anyway to lock down the iPad better without jailbreaking? I have already used the restrictions settings to do as much as I can.
At the moment it seems the likely scenario is that I will have to trade the iPad in for an Android tablet.

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