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iPad satisfaction hits 95% - are you satisfied with yours?

I am very satisfied with my iPad, but that shouldn't suggest that I am a blind fan either. In fact, as my user name implies, I have been a long time PC/Microsoft supporter, bought three zunes (one of each color actually) when they first came out, and am the current site Co-Administrator of zunescene.com. Didn't see that coming, did you?

I still own a PC, and I have and still own Microsoft stocks since 1999. For those who wish to read my introductory newbie post, I mention how I've only recently started converting back towards Apple products and services. Why? The experience has simply been better for me and our family. I have always kept an open mind to what's right for each person is what's right for each person. Apple just happens to make products and services that happen to be right for me, and the iPad happens to be the best electronic device I've personally used. I have attended CES in Las Vegas each and every year, for the past 7 years, with the exception of last year. I am a technology geek at heart, yes, and equally love innovation from all sources, whether it be from Google, Microsoft, RIM, etc. One thing I love about this forum is the open discussions, balanced by great moderation, in a well organized layout. On the subject of fanboyism, I think it is ridiculous to label someone you hardly know over the internet a fanboy, a blind devotee, etc.. Just because they happen to like something for themselves, and didn't buy the same product you did. Sure there are plenty of folks who seem to devote their spare time trolling sites just to post some polarizing comments, but most of us are just regular people who just use products for their intended and advertised uses. Though I am a new member of ipadforums, I have been directly involved in the electronics industry for nearly twenty years, in manufacturing, development, retailing, and marketing. I have lived through the Walkman craze, the minidisc ups and downs, the Atari years, and even still own a working 1978 Pioneer Laserdisc player, that weighs nearly 20 lbs! Things were much simpler then, when new products didn't launch every few months as they do now. We live in a privileged world where entertainment is cheap and delivered in a near instant. I can't even imagine where we'll be just 5 years from now! My common theme when I interact with individuals in regards to this electronic gadget vs that is respect the other person's decision of using whatever it is they chose, feeling free to express why you chose your xyz without trying to make the other feel like an imbecile for not thinking exactly the way you do, and embrace diversity, for without which, we would all live in a pretty plain homoginized world. Here's to the iPad, and all of the other tablet computers that are positioned to challenge it's reign. I've said it many times in other forums.. Competition is good for all of us, who ultimately are consumers of these delightful devices. Without which, we would not see the constant strides for manufacturers, like Apple, to constantly improve over their last achievement. For a first generation product like the iPad to garner a 95% satisfaction rating with the sheer number of units sold in such a short period of time is remarkable. For that, I commend Apple for introducing the iPad to the world. Cheers!
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Satisfied. Some things could have been better, there could have been more features, but I have never owned an electronic device that did it all and did it all perfectly. For what it is, it's great. I use my laptop less and less now, in fact I have only unplugged it and removed it from it's stand once since buying the iPad. I also use the iPod touch less and less now. I am thinking of putting it on eBay now.

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