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iPad satisfaction hits 95% - are you satisfied with yours?


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Dec 24, 2010
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iPad satisfaction hits 95% in October ChangeWave survey, up 4 pts. from May

Posted by Philip Elmer-DeWitt
November 2, 2010 10:55 AM

Apple's "magical" device the first choice of 80% of respondents who plan to buy a tablet


The iPad, which scored a 91% satisfaction rating in ChangeWave's May survey, inched up another four points in results released Tuesday.

In this survey of 3,108 early adopter types, more of whom presumably own Apple's (AAPL) tablet computer than did six months ago, the "very satisfieds" were down 3 points to 71% and the "somewhat satisfieds" up 6 points to 23% -- ratings overall that ChangeWave research director Paul Carton described as "world class."

Asked if they planned to buy a tablet, an "extraordinary" 26% said they did, according to Carton, with 8% very likely and 18% somewhat.

* * "Not surprisingly," he writes, "Apple is the biggest beneficiary here ? with four-in-five likely Tablet buyers (80%) saying they'll purchase an iPad."

Below: The dismal results for the also rans, most of which still haven't left the starting gate.


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* * * Owners like their iPad. Demand grows.

Link: http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2010/11/02/ipad-satisfaction-hits-95-in-october-changewave-survey-up-4-pts-from-may

I'm one of those 95%!
I think it's great, I just really don't like the fact that you can't choose your own default browser. I bought Atomic but I never use it because whenever I click a link Safari launches anyway.
Yes I am. Most were satisfied in May, but when you consider how knew it was and how apps were just getting developed, 91% was great then. I waited until December when it was gotten as an early Xmas gift. I had wanted it all along, but had a tablet netbook instead, which I still also like, but use in a very limited sense now since as it can't be left on standby and has three hours of battery life, so even at home, I was always concerned about being near an outlet. And if an app crashes, no re-booting of the whole device is needed.
I think it's great, I just really don't like the fact that you can't choose your own default browser. I bought Atomic but I never use it because whenever I click a link Safari launches anyway.

Just wondering, but have you tried Terra? If I'm not using safari, I'm using Terra. Works very fast, and has unlimited tabs.. As many as your internal memory can cache that is. Free download from the app store.

I found another great browser for my kids. It's simply called Kid's Browser. Of course we could just use the parental controls in settings, but it's a nice browser that has the filters already built in and some tabs that already connect to the sites at most younger children will want to visit anyways.

Interestingly, I noticed in the poll, that there were zero "very unsatisfied" users and one percent "somewhat dissatisfied", which leads me to believe, that when I read posts from various sites of people who (supposedly) bought an iPad and hated it, are trolls/apple-haters, of which I pay little to no mind to. With that said, I'm sure that in this very thread, someone with a low post count is going to say that they absolutely hate their iPad. If not, i'll be surprised, but if/when it does, I'll say I told ya so! :D And I'm not saying that it's impossible.. just improbable.

On that note, I used to be one of those people who trashed talked Apple, however, At the time I didn't own or use any Apple products. I just thought that it was too hard to use, too expensive, and sadly I bought into the negative trolling and comments I heard for years about Apple products, until one day, I went into an Apple store, and walked out with my first Apple product. It wasn't until then that I finally got it, as if a lightbulb appeared above my head. That was three years ago. I've been using Apple products since. I honestly find Apple's products, operating systems, and services to be the most intuitive and user friendly amongst anything I've seen and tried. Among the numerous apple products and services I like most, are my iPad, my MobileMe account, and my iPhone. If I were polled, I'd say that I was "very satisfied".
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Got mine in May l bought my husband one for BD in August. We both love them but use them quite differently. If there would be such a thing LOL, I would probably fall into a 'power user' of Ipad whereas my husband reads, surfs, does email, the things that most thought an Ipad would be used for.

I won't buy the 2nd gen since I bought a 64GB wifi and have moblle hot spot on phone and its sufficient now but likely will buy 3rd gen. Its the best electronic thing I've bought outside of my digital DSLRs. Because I'm so happy with mine a number of friends have bought one and also are happy. I do much more with it than I ever anticipated and its always with me in my handbag.

Thought I'd mention I'm a very longtime PC user. The only Apple things I have are a Nano, a Classic Ipod and Touch. They do get them right.

Diane B
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First graph is 1% short and the second is 4% short...what happened to the missing opinions?
I would have to say I fall into the somewhat satisfied group.
Lot of good features and a few glaring failures.
I would buy it again, but it could be better.
No USB port being one. I understand why they did not, but it severely limits usefulness. *Printer ability on any computer on a network is simple and expected, but not on the iPad. Yeah, I know they are trying to make it work without software for each printer and it may eventually work, but just not now.
Arrow keys,, is there anyone who does not miss these?
Biggest complaint would have to be cellular access. At&T has none in rural areas, yeah I know that is not directly a fault of design, but in a way it is. Without signal it is pretty worthless to me. And when I have cell coverage and no iPad access, seems like it should.
It will be interesting to see how the clones adapt and how much apple keeps their prodigy protected from the world.
Somewhat satisfied.

It wasn't able to function well enough in school, which was the primary reason I bought it, so I am disappointed about that.

However, it has been an excellent device for many things I wasn't expecting, like streaming media, games, etc.

My MacBook Pro is now my primary school device, and the iPad will likely be getting sold as soon as a decent Android tablet comes out around March or April.
Jax, have you considered getting a USB/SD card adapter that plugs into the 30 pin connector of your iPad?

For wirelessly uploading photos you may check out eyefi cards and/or MobileMe or dropbox as wireless import/export options.

As far as AT&T goes, each ipad is sold unlocked, to be used on any GSM carrier, or on any personal router from Verizon, Sprint, or Clear for example.

I do agree with you a bit on the arrow keys, but I just got used to touching where I need to go/edit. It appears that Apple did add "next, previous, and autofill" keys to the keyboard with its latest update though. Not the same as arrows, but I've seen keyboard apps that put arrows on the screen for those who miss/need them.
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I am not a blind fan. A few things I do not like, the price, no flash, the aspect ratio is not wide screen it should be 16:9 "Do not buy 4:3 TVs or do you?". A few things that are ok a few apps are worth the download Kobo for example. I mainly use the iPad to read books and I think to myself maybe a Kindle would of been better, it is easier to read in direct sunlight and the battery lasts forever.
I concur with the above. I'm not a blind fan per se either, but rather an educated one. I already knew the specs. But I love the screen size for surfing, and when I read books, I go back and forth and look things up or play a game, then return to the book, etc. So works for me.

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