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iPad review. iPad Camera Connection Kit review and explained from a photographer pov

dj r

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Jun 11, 2010
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I have been using my iPad for almost a week now and I'm ready to give it a grade. It's gets an A.

I have a Canon 7D (18mp) and I shoot in Raw and Jpeg. Everything works perfectly. I can't tell you how amazing this product is. It's an extremely multi-dimensional device. Some of my friends and colleagues have laughed off the iPad, thinking it's a silly toy. But then they say "don't even show it to me, I don't want to look at it". Because they know, they will want it;)

What Model & Where Can You Purchase an Ipad:

- Good luck finding one! Call around and find the exact model you want. And see if they'll hold it for you. If not, sit in the parking lot and wait for deliveries. I'm not kidding!
- Choose between 3 storage options 16,32,64gb. And also between two hardware options: 3G + wifi or just wifi. But if you can afford the 3G model, get it, you can pay on a monthly basis. I don't want anyone to regret not having 3G down the line. Remember, At&t is NOT allowing tethering with iPhone. VZW blackberrys can't tether with it. I'm sure there is something out there that could. 3G wouldn't be a "must have" for an individual who CAN tether wirelessly with their cell phone.

Some Notes:

- Battery life is advertised at 10 hours. This is not exaggerated. Spot on.
- What's inside the box? The iPad. A USB cable. And a power adaptor that I've also used with other Apple devices.
- It's an iPod with an onboard speaker or use your earphones.
- Log in with your netflix account and watch movies instantly.
- Log in with sirius/xm and listen.
- The email client is so ridicoulsly clean and easy to use. SEVERAL email accounts and very crisp.
- Plug in your card reader or camera in the field. It's a great device to show/share your customers pictures immediately on a high resolution screen.
- Display your photo albums.
- When you plug into your computer, your iTunes program now sees your iPad as a unique device. Choose what you sync with it, which music playlists, pic folders, web favs, email accounts, etc!
- Read books.
- Google Earth + 3G = a navigation system.
- Web browsing is amazing.
- The available applications are amazing. Twitter, Weather, Ebay, NY Times, Facebook, Pandora, to name a few that I use daily. There are over 10,000 for the iPad and growing. There are way more that will work with the iPad (but are designed for iPhone/iTouch.
- Salespersons can use in the field to enter orders and/or show their customers how to use their websites.
- Use the device for business purposes and write off the purchase and/or the 3G service.
- Open office files with Pad Sync or Doc to Go.
- Play arcade games in your down time.
- Bluetooth keyboard available.

Info regarding the camera connection kit:

- Connect the camera directly into the usb harness. The photos that are on the device are displayed immediately in a grid display. At the top, you have 4 folders, PHOTOS (all photos on ipad), ALBUMS, EVENTS, and now CAMERA. You have the option to click delete all, import all, or you may click on individual pics at which point you can click import, and then import selected. Once you import select pics, it prompts you to delete the original or keep (on the device card). Then you may click on photos where you'll scroll to the bottom to view your imported pics, or you may click on albums, where you'll find a folder named last import.

- It is very quick and clean.
- Your camera will not function while it's plugged into the iPad. You can not take pics or use a "live view" on the iPad. Not possible.
- If you connect your card reader into the usb harness, you will discover the same results as explained above. I have a cheap UDMA cf/sd card reader from ebay and it works perfectly. Plug in reader, light comes on, pics appear immediately. Pic of my card reader and card below (neither are state of the art).
- The kit also came with a separate harness, SD card reader, which I will resell, my camera is CF.
- Cost is 29.99 at the Apple store. But they are not in stock, anywhere. You are pretty much stuck with paying $75-100 on fleabay.

A great camera bag for an iPad. Full size DSLR, 2-4 lens, 1-2 flashes, and accessories:

This Domke F-3X fits all of the gear in my sig with some extra space for personal items and accessories. So that's two lens in the dedicated lens pouches in the main compartment. A third lens in the main chamber separated by a velcro pad that comes with the bag. And the 7D with any of my lens attached on it's side in the back row. Total of 4 lens. My flash lives in one of the two large end compartments. The iPad in the front compartment. And there is still room for papers and personal items in the other end compartment and the back pocket. A fifth lens could live in the end pockets as well. With the body and 4 lens in the bag, it takes a minute to configure everything b/c the iPad can barely fit with that much stuff. With the body and 3 lens in the bag, the iPad is easier to fit. With the body and 2 lens in the bag, the flash in the main chamber instead of a lens, and the 2 other lens in the end pockets, the iPad fits easily as well. If you have larger lens and/or use a grip, you'll have less favorable results, but I assume other Domke bags have a similar pocket for an iPad.

The iPad will also fit in the bag while in a protective sleeve. I don't believe it would fit in the pocket while in a leather wallet (a more sturdy/boxy case). It's that good a fit! The iPad will fit horizonal or vertical in the pocket, obviously horizontal is the ideal method.

Final thoughts...

Pack your camera. iPad. USB harness. USB cable that came with your camera OR your CF card reader. And you now have the ability to view your pics on site for about 10 hours. If you are in WIFI range or have 3G, you can click on an imported photo and immediately email it to a contact for review. Your associated could even begin doing PP work off site and post some teasers on a website or send to a client for review. I tested this and it works. In my test pic, a full resolution file, imported to iPad, then emailed. After importing it, it was 2048 x 1364.

On a nightly basis, I charge the iPad. Wake up and fire it up, working with the iPad all day, I tap the power button on the top of the unit to put it in standby. Chuck it back in the bag until the next time I need it. It's on/off in a second.
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Good review from another perspective. Thanks.
Great review. I was looking for a good review from a Photographers POV.

I am currently shooting with the 7D as well, just picked up my 64G iPad last night, but can't find a camera connection kit ANYWHERE!! :mad:
Can you do any on device post processing on the RAW files?

Also does it reduce the resolution of the image on import or only when you email it?

Thanks, Andy
Can you do any on device post processing on the RAW files?

Canon raw files (probably everyone else's too) always have a jpg inside them. I don't mean only when you shoot raw+jpg, they always do. Raw+jpg gives you 2 files, a jpg and a raw file...that also has a jpg inside.

The iPad photo app finds and displays that jpg inside the raw but raw processing is way beyond its capabilities.
fotoman said:
Canon raw files (probably everyone else's too) always have a jpg inside them. I don't mean only when you shoot raw+jpg, they always do. Raw+jpg gives you 2 files, a jpg and a raw file...that also has a jpg inside.

The iPad photo app finds and displays that jpg inside the raw but raw processing is way beyond its capabilities.

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