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iPad iOS 4.2 Features List


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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
Here are the complete feature details for iOS 4.2 firmware for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

iOS 4.2 Features List


This is most useful feature which initially was introduced by Apple in iOS 4.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch. It enables users to switch between applications with no much battery loss and no need to stop one application to start the other. Now with iOS 4.2, iPad will also be blessed with this feature.

Printing is the new introduced feature in iOS 4.2. With this feature you can print mails, web pages, photos and any documents using wireless connection using your iPad easily.

Folders feature enables you to arrange and organize your apps in folders. The feature is very easy to use with drag and drop facility and the OS itself also name your folders according to the type of apps inside the folders. Now you can manage all your applications and get faster access to them easily.

AirPlay is a new feature introduced in iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod Touuch. This feature enables to wirelessly stream videos, music, and photos from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to the new Apple TV, and stream music to AirPlay speakers or receivers, including AirPort Express. With iOS 4.2, this feature will also come on iPad.
Game Center

Game Center helps you to enjoy social gaming by playing games with your friends. You can find friends, play matches using multiplayer games, track achievements of your friends and also compare high scores. So now you can enjoy with your friends even apart.
Single Inbox for Multiple Mail Accounts

Now you can see mails from your multiple mail accounts into a single universal inbox removing the need to open and check all your accounts, manage and organize all your messages in one place. You can also open attachments in third-party apps.
iOS 4.2 has stronger security features, new device management capabilities, and improved enterprise integration for business purpose.iOS 4.2 also enables to search and highlight words and phrase on web pages for Safari browser. You can also choose from 30 new keyboards and dictionaries, including Arabic, Greek, and Hebrew. iOS 4.2 will bring revolution to iPad and will be available as a free update in November.

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