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Apple iOS 4.2 Gold Master Build Released to Developers


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Something is in the air people, and I’m not just talking about swirling Fall leaves! iOS 4.2 for iPad is on its way soon! ItProPortal reports today that Apple has just released the iOS 4.2 Gold Master build for developers. This release has many thinking that the full official release of iOS 4.2 could be imminent, possibly even this week. A Gold Master build is always released to developers shortly before being unleashed on the general public, so that they can test it and start building new apps for it.

ITProPortal reminds us that the imminent release of iOS 4.2 for iPad will bring the iPad into line with the iPhone and iPod touch, introducing Folders, Multitasking, AirPrint, AirPlay and Game Center, as well as over 100 other features.

The update is not just for the iPad though, as it will also be applicable to the iPhone and iPod touch.

Source: IT ProPortal
Awesome! Over 100 new features. Sweet! Can't wait to see new apps that will be created and the new features. Folders will be wicked sweet also! The sooner the better.

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